This will get you laid 100% of the time!
Everybody knows how hard it is to get bitches to put out these days. It's like getting a penny from a fucking
millionaire. They'll kick and scream all they way - they won't make it easy! And what's weird is, never in the
history of mankind have we ever seen such a blatant display of whoredom. So as guys, we're kinda fucked.
Bitches like to whore it out, but don't want to put it out. Well I have what people want you to believe never
works: a system to get laid. Whores love to get some intimacy. They love massages and all that stupid shit.
If you rub them just the right way, it's easy to get the towels off. Get up close and personal. Get your hands
all over them, and before they even know it, they're taking dick up their pussies!

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